Do you ship products back after the shoot?

We can return products to you after your photoshoot if you provide a shipping label with the return address within one month of your project's completion.  Keep in mind that products being returned will be in "used" condition.

What if I need something changed with my images after they're finished?

For each product, we offer 1 free edit/photoshop revision to be made within your image set after your thumbnails have been delivered.  If you require additional changes beyond the first, or a revision that requires an image to be entirely reshot, it will be charged as an "additional image" to your package.  For this reason, it is very important that you clearly communicate each of your requirements, requests, and expectations for your images prior to the beginning of the project so that we can create exactly what you need during the original shoot without further charges to your invoice.

How long does it take for my images to be complete?

Once we receive your product sample at the provided address, you will receive your completed images within 2 weeks.  A la carte images and smaller packages may be finished in a shorter time.  Occasionally, a project may require additional time due to delays with model schedules, inclement weather for outdoor shoots, or other unforeseen setbacks.  These delays are rare and will always be communicated with you prior to the end of the 2 week period if relevant to your project.

How will I be billed for my images?

You will be billed with an online invoice after you have approved your delivered thumbnail images at the end of your project (or after necessary adjustments have been made to the thumbnails).  This invoice may be payed with a debit/credit card or Paypal, and must be paid in full before the full-sized images are delivered via your personal online gallery.  A $100 nonrefundable booking deposit will also be billed at the time your contract is signed (and deducted from your final invoice).  Packages over $1,000 will be billed in 2 parts.  The first half will be invoiced after your project contract has been signed (including the $100 booking fee), and must be paid in full before work has begun on your project (ideally before your product sample arrives at our studio).

Do you offer refunds?

If you need to cancel your project after you have paid an initial invoice but before your product has arrived at our studio, you may receive a full refund excepting the $100 booking fee that was included in the initial invoice.  If you choose to cancel your project after your sample has arrived and your project has begun, you may still be billed for the project in part or in whole, depending on how much work has been completed.  We do not offer refunds at the end of a project for dissatisfaction with the images, but will offer rework of the images at no cost if your product was used incorrectly in the images.  It is very important that you clearly communicate your requests and expectations for the shoot to us prior to the start of your project so that we can create images that you love!

Can I choose the models for my images?

When you tell us about your product and goals for the images, you can then tell us about the kinds of models you'd like us to use.  We cannot guarantee model specifics such as hair/eye color or ethnicity, but will always do our best to source models that fit your demographic requests such as age or gender.  We do not offer specific options for you to choose from when booking models.

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